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Name the Bug # 47

Potentially a bit of an easy one today. Anyone know what this is?

Attribution to follow.

Update: Identity now available here. Photo from here.


  1. It's a fish!

    (off to find my fish keys)

  2. oops, no. Right family wrong species. Its Pterycombus petersi

  3. A type of guppy called a grumpy?

  4. So I spent a lot of time looking in the wrong family..

    Distinguishing features being the dorsal and anal fins running along the length of the body. The anal fin having 40 rays and the dorsal having 45. Fishbase gives Pterycombus petersi as having a black membrane between the rays on both fins which appears to be the case.

    Pterycombus brama (and I assume petersi) is supposed to have an axillary scale at the base of the pelvic fins, and Pteraclis carolinus does not. Is that scale the round spot aft of the gill opening?

  5. Three points for tf! Don't know about the axillary scale; the 'round spot' is, I believe, the pectoral fin.

  6. Yay!

    Did the points reset after Adam won the first round? If not, I think I just hit 10...

  7. I'm afraid they did. You're currently on seven, so one more three-pointer and you could take it out.


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