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The Site is Dead, Long Live the Site

I'm moving house.

Over the past few years, Blogger has become somewhat less user-friendly behind the scenes. Nothing major, and certainly nothing I'm going to bore you with here, but enough that I've finally decided to take the step of breaking out and moving to my own site: This site will incorporate material from both Catalogue of Organisms and Variety of Life, progressively merging them into a single guide to global biodiversity. Posts from both blogs have already been migrated over, though now I have the long task of editing and updating them to match the new format. In the meantime, check out the page on Prostigmata to get an idea of what I'm planning to do. New content will also be appearing regularly.

Thank you for reading Catalogue of Organisms, and I hope to see you in the new digs!


  1. Then I guess this is as good an opportunity as there'll be to thank you for your work over the years here. COO has been a small but stable part of my online life since ages.

    The new page looks sort of like a new version of the fondly-remembered Palaeos.

  2. You're welcome. Palaeos is still available at though I don't know if it's been updated in recent years. It's a respectable model.


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