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The Great Catalogue Table of Contents

Welcome to the Catalogue of Organisms Table of Contents. Here you can find links to all the major posts on this site, arranged by their subject. Enjoy!

Methods and Concepts:
        Wot? No inverts?
        Blog Action Day—what have we lost?
        A dragonfly in amber: how it got there
        Indian entomologists cut off
        More than one way to skin a cat (or fertilise a female)
        Implications of Aetogate: who owns the data?
        Inevitable moles in a lonely universe
        Is taxonomy a science
        Inevitable Spandrels on a biology blog
        The overwhelming diversity of life
        Why do we bother?
        What would the ICZN do?
        The gender of a table
        Phylogenetic nomenclature—oui ou non?
        Getting the hang of compromisation
        Why use phylogeny?
        What's in a name?
        Hey, old taxo! My genus is better than yours!
        A minor complaint about Google, and a major complaint about ranked taxonomy
        The claim-jumpers and grave-robbers of taxonomy
        A new stem-bird and publication in the digital age
        Electronic publication in the ICZN—new proposals
        Define "published"
        The perils of peer review
        Some thoughts on how to make electronic publication work
        The problem of publication again
        Thoughts inspired by a private publication
        It's the end of the world as we know it...
        The ICZN and electronic publication: where did it go wrong?
        O ZooBank, where art thou?
    Species Recognition
        The Phylogenetic Species Concept: is there such a thing as too much?
        What are the bare necessities?
        The significance of type specimens, and more on Utrecht
        The importance of vouchers: even molecular workers need herbaria
        Poor taxonomic practice takes some f***ing liberties!
        Keeping an eye on inflation
        How to recognise a species
        How to write a key

Holy careening continents, Batman!
Of serpentine soils

Maison Verreaux—animals of all varieties
Alexandre Girault: a man against the world
The worst of Girault

Taxonomy Quizzes:
Completely frivolous taxonomy quiz
42 [answers to above]
Taxonomy trivia quiz #2: you've come a long way, baby
Secret identities [answers to above]

Specific Taxa:

        Salinella—what the crap was it?
        Is it a sponge, or is it a plant?
        Naming the monad
        Giants of the Silurian
        Why animals are not plants
        More things in heaven and ocean
        Fungus and the individual
        Prototaxites: a giant that never was?
        Life on Mars: the Cambrian terrestrial environment
        Prototaxites revisited
        The diversity of slime moulds
            Crossing the algal divide
            Little discs of doom
            A parasite in the family
            Coral—it's not just an animal thing
            Carpospores in chains (Taxon of the Week: Schizoserideae)
            The alga of uncertainty
                    Giving plants the glove
                    Some like it cold (Taxon of the Week: Saccogynidium vasculosum
                    Southern moss (Taxon of the Week: Ptychomitrium muelleri)
                    Mosses: not as simple as you think (Taxon of the Week: Ectropothecium)
                    The trials and tribulations of tree moss
                    Mosses have a place for reproduction
                    Brachythecium salebrosum: some like it temperate
                            Before the word for world was forest
                                    The origins of flowers
                                    Most unbelievable organisms evah!
                                                    Flowers from two to five
                                                    The Dilleniaceae: tropical enigmas
                                                    Taxon of the Week: Misplaced Hawaiians
                                                        Are you sucking on a lemon or a lime?
                                                        The fall of Rafflesiales
                                                        Taxon of this Week: not all violets are violet
                                                        Reference review: Brooms of New Zealand
                                                        Taxon of the Week: Cotoneaster
                                                        Nettle, where is thy sting?
                                                        In a bunch, in a bunch!
                                                        A South American paradox (Taxon of the Week: Sellocharis)
                                                        A simple stream life
                                                        Cunoniaceae and friends
                                                        Milk-vetches, liquorice and locoweeds
                                                        Lecantheae and/or Elatostemateae
                                                    Christmas is coming
                                                    Stars in the pasture
                                                    Prickly pears
                                                        Taxon of the Week: Misplaced Hawaiians
                                                        Name the bug: Fouquieria columnaris
                                                            Hebe or Veronica?
                                                            My flower is a trumpet (Taxon of the Week: Solanales)
                                                            Borage and comfrey and bugloss
                                                            Sending forget-me-nots
                                                            Thistle be the one (Taxon of the Week: Carduoideae)
                                                            Ginseng and ivy
                                                The fall of Dryandra
                                            Reference review: The monocot tree
                                                Flowers in the water (Taxon of the Week: Hydrocharitaceae)
                                                Taxon of the Week: Rhaphidophora
                                                Name the Bug: Pistia stratiotes
                                                The thalli that are green (Taxon of the Week: Lemnoideae)
                                                    Peeling the lily
                                                    Strangers from parts unknown (Taxa of the Week: Juncus section Juncotypus, Juncus amabilis)
                                                    Scattering the sheaves (Taxon of the Week: Elymus)
                                                    Stacks of barley (Taxon of the Week: Hordeum)
                                                    From giant reeds to tiny leaves
                                                    The resurrection of grass
                                                    There's treasure everywhere
                                                    Most unbelievable organisms evah!
                                                    Patterns on a squill
                                            Taxon of the Week: Spices of Gondwana
                            When ferns don't look like ferns
                            Focus on a fern (Taxon of the Week: Polystichum vestitum)
                            It's not what you think
                            From tree moss to tree ferns
            Little whirling photosynthetic (and not so photosynthetic) thingies
            Pseudo-worms and such
            Taxon of the Week: A selection of ciliates
            Another non-missing not-quite-link
            Of macros and micros
            Of gregarines
            Like, wow. Just... wow
            The schizosphere (Taxon of the Week: Schizosphaerella)
            Taxon of the Week: Protoperidinium grande
            The state of Peridinium
            Glenodinium and the horseshoe of light
            Filling in the gaps
            Parcelling plastids
            Giant cannibal algae from the watery ditch
            Slime nets: another group of not-fungi
            Return of the slime-nets
            Algal threads (Taxon of the Week: Myrionemataceae)
            The wracks
            Name the Bug: Sticholonche zanclea
                    If a komokiacean turns up in a phylogeny, will anybody notice?
                    Living with poo—a new xenophyophore
                    A small bag of grains (Taxon of the Week: Saccamminidae)
                    Three random foram genera (Taxon of the Week: Pelosininae)
                    Star sands (Taxon of the Week: Calcarinidae)
                    Floating forams (Taxon of the Week: Globorotaliidae)
                    The Rotaliida: building a wall
                    The Osangulariidae: deep-water trochospires
        The diversity of slime moulds
        TAFKAMI walks
        Amoeba: much weirder than you think
        Amoebozoan classification: putting the formless in formation
        Tubulinea: the paragons of amoeboids
        Discosea: keeping a low profile
        Amoebozoan oddments
        Archamoebae: the apogee (or nadir) of amoebozoan evolution
                    Taxon of the Week: A barely pronounceable yeast
                        Saddling the truffles
                        Learning to like lichen
                        Reference review: Messing about with mildews
                        Reference review: The trials of anamorphic fungi
                        If they only wood (Taxon of the Week: Diaporthales)
                A relict fungus on a relict host
                Most unbelievable organisms evah!
                Ending life in a puddle of ichor (Taxon of the Week: Coprinopsis herbivora)
                The mushroom tree
                Tons of little tubes
                More little tubes—not just tons but tonnes
                Scleritome Week: The cactus animals
                Scleritome Week: A mystery ending
                The trouble with coelosclerites
                The return of Buddenbrockia
                Buddenbrockia: the gift that keeps on giving
                E pluribus unum
                Coral love
                Thought-crime: I have slandered the gelatinous
                Conical problematica
                From three to two
                A brain explosion
                        Scleritome Week: Worm buttons
                        It's nematodes all the way down
                        Oh #$%^& me—it's the Taxon of the (last) Week
                        My first tardigrades
                        Return of the water bears (Taxon of the Week: Tardigrada)
                        Archechiniscus: distinctively indifferent
                        Welcome to Scleritome Week: The little nets
                            Chain, chain, chain
                            Blinding me with Science
                            A quick primer on arthropod growth
                                        Another word on arachnid phylogeny
                                            Cyphophthalmids wait for the mountain to come to them
                                            More tales of the crunchy
                                                Saintly harvestmen (Taxon of the Week: Equitius)
                                                Taxon of the Week: Cynortula, Cynortula
                                                Taxon of the Week: Stygnoplus
                                                Taxon of the Week: Collonychium
                                                Gonyleptids are just so cool
                                                Taxon of the Week: Metarhaucus
                                                Biantidae: the importance of titillators
                                            What is a daddy-longlegs?
                                            Gnah! Gagrella! Headdesk!
                                            Remarkable things
                                            More Gagrellinae (Taxon of the Week: Harmanda)
                                            Score one for biogeography
                                            Possibly the coolest thing I had published this year
                                            How to wipe out a family
                                            Disco opilioni
                                            The Gagrella problem cranked up to eleven
                                            The saga of Forsteropsalis fabulosa
                                            The hard way to be a bloodsucker (Taxon of the Week: Ixodidae)
                                            Brown ticks
                                            Your little friends that are with you always
                                            Most unbelievable organisms evah!
                                            The Pygmephoroidea: lives of phoresy and fungi
                                            The Prostigmata: endless forms
                                                        On a wing and a mite
                                                        South American mites
                                                    Life in the fast lane (Taxon of the Week: Astigmata)
                                                    An introduction to Malaconothrus
                                            Tarantulas sans tarantella
                                                What is a daddy-longlegs?
                                                Spiders losing their lungs
                                                    The strangest of spiders
                                                    Taxon of the Week: Eye of the spider
                                                    Amaurobioidea: rummaging through a wastebasket
                                                    Salticid spider bollocks
                                                    Taxon of the Week: Amphinectidae
                                                    Big bad wolfies (Taxon of the Week: Lycosidae)
                                                    More wolfies (Taxon of the Week: Artoriinae)
                                                    Lace web weavers
                                                    The one about sexual cannibalism
                                                    Araneidae—with web and with scent
                                    Brine fairies
                                    Taxon of the Week: Some copepods for your reading pleasure
                                    Another case of mistaken identity
                                    Life in sand
                                        Reference Review: The secret of Bubba-Gump's success
                                        Getting crabs
                                        Kneel before the shrimp queen
                                        Crabs that cannot scratch their heads (Taxon of the Week: Parthenopidae)
                                        The Grapsidae: from sea to shore
                                        Taxon of the (this) Week—Holarctic subterranean amphipods, Batman!
                                        Southern crustacean relicts
                                        Another case of mistaken identity
                                        Snail mimics and marine symbionts (Taxon of the Week: Pleustidae)
                                        Burrowing beaky amphipods
                                        Life among a shrimp's gills
                                    Reference review: Barnacles among the coral
                                    The secret of y-larvae
                                    Forcing out the secret
                                    Most unbelievable organisms evah!
                                    (Possibly) The World's Smallest Tetrapods
                                        Bouncing bristletails
                                        Textbook death match: Insect palaeontology
                                            The origin of insect wings
                                            A Devonian pterygote?
                                            What is the sound of one mayfly fossilising?
                                            Everything you knew about mayflies is wrong (Taxon of the Week: Pisciforma)
                                            Mayflies in their spring
                                            A halfway house, halfway down Honshu island
                                            Big suckers
                                            Because it's Friday...
                                            A seclusion of Embioptera
                                            A choir of Zoraptera
                                            When parsimony goes wrong: the wings of stick insects
                                            All about Gerarus
                                            Name that Bug: Ponopterix axelrodi
                                            Wigs and wings and other things
                                            The stoneflies: old or new?
      ;                                      Psocoptera
                                                Barklice and booklice and such
                                                The Psocoptera of Barrow Island
                                                Love Hurts
                                                Soft waxy scales
                                                Soft yet scaly (Taxon of the Week: Coccidae)
                                                The overall scale
                                                A vision of thrips
                                                The really abominable mystery
                                                            A bunch of apocrites
                                                            Eureka! It's an ant!
                                                            Most unbelievable organisms evah!
                                                            Ants on the move (Taxon of the Week: Dorylidae)
                                                            Ants go out in the noonday sun
                                                            What to do with a dead hummingbird
                                                            Multifarities most horrid (Taxon of the Week: Braconidae)
                                                                Taxon of the Week: To give Lovecraft nightmares
                                                                    Ormyrids: attacking the gall
                                                                    A new short-horned Elasmus
                                                                    Brachymeria perflavipes and beyond
                                                        Diversity and distribution of tropical Lepidoptera: a bit of cross-purposes
                                                                    Taxon of the Week: butterflies on parasites
                                                                    The sphinxes that aren't like the others (Taxon of the Week: Smerinthini)
                                                                    Caterpillars and their capers (Taxon of the Week: Belenois)
                                                                    Blues (not all of them blue) (Taxon of the Week: Polyommatus)
                                                                    Colour vs crypsis
                                                                    Deceptive and poisonous sisters
                                                                    The butterflies get all the glory (Taxon of the Week: Gelechioidea
                                                    Insects never fail to amaze
                                                    What is a daddy-longlegs?
                                                    A queenage of Strepsiptera
                                                    Drosophila forever?
                                                    More on Drosophila and Sophophora
                                                    "Electronic publication of nomenclatural acts is inevitable"
                                                    Name the Bug: Boreus
                                                    More in the bloodsucking vein (Taxon of the Week: Simulium)
                                                    In which, despite not being the crowd favourite, Drosophila funebris holds D. melanogaster down and kicks it repeatedly in the teeth
                                                    More than just Sophophora (Taxon of the Week: Drosophilidae)
                                                    Freak of the Week: wingless, legless flies
                                                    What is the sound of one mayfly fossilising?
                                                    Eating mum from the inside out
                                                    The diversity of ground beetles
                                                    Ground beetles for today
                                                        Life with termites
                                                        The Corotocini in their gut-swollen glory
                                                        Bryaxis on the prowl
                                                        There's something on your back (Taxon of the Week: Prioninae)
                                                        Weevil ball (Taxon of the Week: Diorymerina)
                                                Of lions and lace
                                                Butterflies before there were butterflies
                                                Name that Bug: Meioneurites spectabilis
                                                Name the Bug: Psectra diptera
                                                The red-lined wings of South America
                                                Ant-lions of Australia
                                The august history of filter-feeding ostracods
                            The trouble with coelosclerites
                                Tons of little tubes
                                So nice when people agree with you
                                    Snails letting it all hang out
                                    Nerites old and new
                                    A different kind of shell
                                    Name the Bug: Alaskiella medfraensis
                                    Marginal limpets
                                            In which I am defeated by shells
                                            The life of an ostrich foot
                                            Stop giggling (Taxon of the Week: Fartulum)
                                            Careful with that spelling (Taxon of the Week: Barleeiidae)
                                            Snails that never see the light of day
                                            Taxon of the Week: Toxic sea snails
                                            A whole new twist on things, or just shifting back and forth?
                                            Fifteen seconds of mediocrity
                                            Asperdaphne, I don't know who you are any more
                                            (Belated) Taxon of the Week: The bishop's Mitra
                                            The coral-lovers
                                    I's been ejucated, now I can haz snails pleez? Kthnx
                                    Food that puts more than just hairs on your chest
                                    The beautiful angel of death
                                    Taxon of the Week: Clausilioidea
                                    Wild slug chases (Taxon of the Week: Gastrodontoidea)
                                    Name that Bug: Cornu aspersum
                                    Re-opening the door (Taxon of the Week: Clausilioidea)
                                    A little bit of Gastrocopta
                                    Limpets of the north-east Atlantic
                                The calcareous heart
                                Pig's toes and water nymphs
                                Bivalves born free (Taxon of the Week: Pectinoidea)
                                Triassic, glorious Triassic
                                With plate and girdle (Taxon of the Week: Ischnochitonidae)
                                The beak-shells's legacy
                                Name the Bug: Yochelcionella daleki
                                Day of the Tentacle
                                More giant cephalopods
                                The floating egg
                                Open query—what are cephalopod shells for?
                                When is a cephalopod like a snake?
                                How to be straight
                                Nectocaris: largely irrelevant to cephalopods?
                                Ammonites of the Arctic (Taxon of the Week: Arctocephalitinae)
                                The horns of Ammon
                            Taxon of the Week: The lamp (shell) post
                            Back to the scleritome—tommotiids revealed!
                            More giant larvae
                            More crunchy scleritome goodness
                            The Athyrididae: spiralia and lamellae
                            Yay, machaeridians!
                            Separating segments
                            More crunchy scleritome goodness
                            My genitals just grew eyes and swam away: the life of a syllid worm
                            Building a home of your own (Taxon of the Week: Hydroides)
                            Of interstitial annelids (Taxon of the Week: Pisionidae)
                            Earthworms of the Amazon (Taxon of the Week: Urobenus buritis)
                            Exogone sexoculata, a worm of the interstitial
                        Tiny flowers of the sea
                        Colonies on the move
                        Taxon of the Week: Lacy Lepraliellidae
                        Gunky lace
                        The long-whipped bryozoan
                        Taxon of last Week: I can't think of a clever title involving gastrotrichs
                        Sex and the rotifer
                        I can has mutant larvae?
                        The writing in the rocks
                        Further readings from the rocks (Taxon of the Week: Graptolithina
                        Name the Bug: Acanthastus luniewskii
                        Rastrites: stringing out thecae
                            Conversations with Cothurnocystis
                            Name the Bug: Polyplacus kilmeri
                            A beginner's guide to blastoids
                            Callocystitids: ambulacra advancement and rhomb reduction
                            Taxon of the Week: So many arms
                            Return to the crinoids
                            Clutching crinoids
                            Forgotten feather stars
                            Crinoids of the open seas
                            Mystery animal for today
                            Hemiaster: an echinoid with heart
                                Time for teeth (Taxon of the Week: Polygnathus)
                                Conodonts: they just got scarier
                                A little Linguipolygnathus
                                Linguipolygnathus redux
                                        Scleritome Week: Not just an invert thing
                                        Just when you thought it was safe
                                        A bizarre new shark
                                                Who left all this fish lying around? (Taxon of the Week: Neopterygii)
                                                        Taxon of the Week #1: Gonostomatidae
                                                        Living larvae and fossil fish
                                                        Hunters in the deep sea
                                                            The bush at the top of the tree
                                                            Perciformes go bye-bye?
                                                                Taxon of the Week #2: Trachinoidei
                                                                The live-bearing brotulas
                                                                Pomfrets of the high seas
                                                                The ugly stick in action
                                                                Taxon of the Week: Give us a kiss!
                                                                Gender's just a state of gonads
                                                                Sculpins go wild
                                                                Knocked off the perch (Taxon of the Week: Percidae)
                                                    More Really Ugly Fish
                                                    It's a moray Friday
                                                    The surprisingly mysterious eels
                                                Some history of the history of tetrapods
                                                Taxon of the Week #3: Rana
                                                Sooglossidae: Deja vu all over again
                                                Relict frog sex
                                                Most unbelievable organisms evah!
                                                        The tuna-lizards
                                                                Because it's Friday...
                                                                Tortoise resurrection
                                                                Small lizards of South America
                                                                Southern snakes at sea
                                                                Anole, anole, anole, anole
                                                                Obama's lizard? Not so fast
                    Our faceless cousins?
                    Gutless wonders
                    Name that Bug: Stoecharthrum giardi
    The nature of 'Nanoarchaeum'
    Taxon of the Week: Pick from a wide range of pathogens
    Reference review: Cutting up the excess
    Taxon of the Week: Life in mycolates
    Standing the heat
    Epsilon of the deeps—coming to an organ system near you
    Life before it had facial features
    Hyphae without nuclei: filamentous bacteria
    The diversity of slime moulds
    Most unbelievable organisms evah!
    Pathogens, or more than pathogens? (Taxon of the Week: Aeromonas)
    The endosymbiotic hammer strikes again
    Bacteria, too, grow old and die
    The attack of mega-matrix
    The Nostocaceae: tangled filaments
    The Rhodospirillales: it's photosynthesis, but not as you know it

        Insectivores: possibility of puggles (Taxon of the Week: Australosphenida)
                A little bit mole-ish in the Miocene
                The mysterious name of Queen Lestoros
                    Life in the Palaeocene—we don't need no Placentalia?
                    More mysterious Palaeogene eutherians
                            The swimming sloth
                            Meet the Shrews (Taxon of the Week: Soricidae)
                            Little yellow bats
                            Taxon of the Week: Phocidae
                            Taxon of the Week: Capra—the goats
                            The camel that walked on two legs
                            The whale that looked like a walrus
                            Horns and guts
                            West Indian raccoons: from endangered endemics to invasive introductions
                            Moustache whales
                            Three-quarters of a century, and we still care about a dead horse
                            Support your local taxonomy
                            Fantastic Mr Fox
                            Dog's life
                            The uglier side of the family (Taxon of the Week: Ceratomorpha)
                            Wolf and wolf and wolf and wolf and cub
                            "Creodonts": carnivores by association
                            How the badger became (Taxon of the Week: Meles thorali)
                            More than just Moby (Taxon of the Week: Physeteridae)
                            The sad, sad story of Physeter
                            The wolf in time
                            Taxon of the Week: Anthropoidea
                            Taxon of the Week: Marmotini
                            Taxon of the Week: Apodemus (no pliers)
                            Taxon of the Week: Nothing to do with teapots
                            Sacred monkeys
                            Most unbelievable organisms evah!
                            Name the Bug: Anomalurus pelii auzembergeri
                            The parrot of King Charles I
                            Beginning to grasp things (Taxon of the Week: Euprimateformes)
                            There he goes! (Taxon of the Week: Indriidae)
                            Squirrels and cedar-mice (Taxon of the Week: Sciuridae)
                            Old men of the woods
                            Origins - a day in the Broom Room
                            Groundhogs, woodchucks and other big squirrels
                            Beaver fever
        The rise and fall of the multi-cusped

        The ornithocheirids: misunderstood giants
            The Top Ten dinosaurs—Triceratops beats Tyrannosaurus
            Top Ten follow-up
            Dinosaurs all over the place
            A question of availability
            Most unbelievable organisms evah!
            The anchisaurs: near-lizards or near-sauropods?
                                    A new stem-bird and publication in the digital age
                                                A frustrating giant bird
                                                How irritable is this bird?
                                                Bird evolution—problems with Science
                                                More from the "They don't write papers like they used to" files
                                                    The voice of the turtle (Taxon of the Week: Streptopelia)
                                                    Jonathon Livingstone's cousin (Taxon of the Week: Sterna)
                                                    Name the bug #8: Prosobonia cancellata
                                                        Reference review: Parrots in the early days of molecular analysis
                                                        A King among parrots
                                                            Taxon of the Week: Cotinginae—Neotropical and fabulous!
                                                                    Products of kinky inter-species sex
                                                                    Birds of the sun
                                                                    The tomb of the unknown honeyeater
                                                                    Name the Bug #7—Apalopteron familiare hahasima
                                                                    More than four and twenty blackbirds
                                                                Yet another passerine 'family'
                                                                On hybrid birds
                                                                The shrikes of the south
                                                                Whistling for whistlers
                                                    Oh crake (Taxon of the Week: Amaurornis)
                                                    Cranes off the rails (Taxon of the Week: Grues)
                                                    Banana-eating birds that don't eat bananas
                                                    The stately herons
                                                The Hawaiian superducks
                                                A pathetic plea for recognition, and a platypus-billed duck
                                                Taxon of the Week: Leg or breast?
            Big horned lizards
            Ceratopsids: a Cretaceous flash in the pan

    Viruses upon viruses


  1. So...many...eukaryotes...

    I actually burst out laughing when I hit the very bottom of this. Glad the archs and the bacteria got a mention at least!

    On a more serious note - thats an impressively large list, and I look forward to seeing how many you've already filled in.

  2. Despite the claims of prokaryote afficionados for supreme diversity, the number of named taxa is still vastly higher for eukaryotes than prokaryotes after all. :-P

  3. as a hobbyist and long time reader, I have a few questions...

    question 1: Isn't this the same list you made on Palaeos? :) (o.k. I admit this question isn't serious...)

    question 2: Why Panhexapoda instead of Pancrustacea?

    question 3: Why so many gastropods?

    question 4: Shouldn't Ammonites go under Cephalopods? I remember you had a blog on them

    question 5: Why Cetferungulata instead of Cetartiodactyla?

    question 6: Why Calceria and Hyalospongiae instead of Hexactinellida or Demospongiae or Porifera?

    question 7: I thought you had a lot more Cnidaria blogs, did I hallucinate?

    question 8: This is an impressive list, covering a vast biological space. When do you get your degree? Why haven't you already? :D (o.k. this isn't really a serious question either...)

  4. Isn't this the same list you made on Palaeos?

    Comes from the same place, effectively. ;)

    Why Panhexapoda instead of Pancrustacea?

    They're both there. Panhexapoda is a subgroup of Pancrustacea.

    Why so many gastropods?

    Because the world is home to a lot of gastropods. The question you should be asking is "why so few insects?"—because my coverage of insects is still a little rudimentary.

    Shouldn't Ammonites go under Cephalopods? I remember you had a blog on them

    Read the intro to the index, where I point out that links are still being added to the page.

    Why Cetferungulata instead of Cetartiodactyla?

    "Cetferungulata" is a larger group, also including carnivorans and perissodactyls.

    Why Calceria and Hyalospongiae instead of Hexactinellida or Demospongiae or Porifera?

    Hexactinellida and Demospongiae are subgroups of Hyalospongiae (sponges producing siliceous spicules). Most people doubt that Porifera are monophyletic but there's still a lot of work needs doing in this area.

    When do you get your degree? Why haven't you already?

    The dean still has to sign the bit of paper saying I get it.

  5. I was thinking of adding a page indexing various protist-related posts from around the internet -- interested? Partly this is to avoid double-posting because there's only so many protist aficionados for the vast galaxy of diversity therein...

  6. Like I'm going to refuse to be linked to ;)

  7. I was a bit confused by the "Wot? No Inverts?" until a way into it. You do know that it was a proto-psychological term for homosexuals?

    1897 H. ELLIS Stud. Psychol. Sex I. 12 Caesar was proud of his physical beauty, and like many modern inverts he was accustomed carefully to shave his skin.

    Quoted in the Oxford English Dictionary.

  8. I am looking to utilize 'systematics' as a start point for 'life' structure and processes..that are carried along [with some changes expected] that continue to be 'life' processes, but may present a trend of conditions, limitations, etc. useful to an understanding of 'aging' or death [from within]. Any databases on this subject?
    Facebook: ambrotek6x8 or

  9. I'm afraid that I have no idea what you mean.


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