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I was taking some photos today of the new house to send to my parents in New Zealand, when I thought I might take some extras to put up here and demonstrate the current state of my office. You never know, someone might be interested. I'm somewhat anachronistic in that I do still largely work from printed material rather than pdfs, and the ghosts of a thousand trees probably haunt my workspace.

The person who is able to identify the most of the books visible in these photos wins the grand prize of having identified the most books in these photos. Of course, most of my reference collection is not quite so photogenic:

Most of my papers lurk in large filing cabinets, while the boxes contain copies of particularly lengthy papers and out-of-print or otherwise unobtainable books that I haven't yet gotten ring-bound like the ones on the shelves.

Hat-tip to Darren Naish, of whom this post is something of a blatant rip-off.

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  1. Man you guys put me to shame. I have 3 shelves and a wal-mart bin of papers. The envy that some dudes have when a nice car drives by... that's what I have now :)


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