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I've been shifting a few things around, and I'd just like to point them out. Firstly, I've added a set of links to other biology blogs, and I'd like to be able to add more. Get in touch with me if you've got a site you'd like to have linked. Also, if for whatever reason you'd prefer me not to link to your site, ask and the link shall be removed at once, no questions asked.

One thing that has been bugging me is that I haven't been including many pictures in Catalogue of Organisms. I realise it's a bit of an ask for people to want them to slog through dense text by a dense writer without any pretty pictures to lighten the mood, but I have had two reasons for their previous absence. One is Time - it takes a while to write the posts, let alone track down pictures to illustrate them. The other is Ability - I write most of my posts while at uni, and the *&^%$# Mac I use here doesn't seem to let me upload pictures in Netscape (the button for doing so simply doesn't show up). I've just discovered I can do so in Safari, though Safari isn't so good for editing the text. I promise I'll try to include more pictures in future, but I emphasise the word try. Again, while I will endeavour to only use publicly available pictures appropriately, if you come across a picture you don't think I should have, let me know and it'll be gone.

And while I'm at it, is there anything else people think I'm doing wrong? All opinions will be heard, considered, then acted on or binned as the whim takes me.

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