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Carnivalia and Such

Two new carnivals out in the last week.

For palaeontology, see The Boneyard at The Dragon's Tales. The current edition features fossilised dwarfs and archosaurian teen sex.

For botany, see Berry Go Round at Greg Laden's Blog. This month - artichokes, borage and explosive liverwort spooge!

Also, I've been waiting nearly a year and a half for it, but the newest update has appeared at Mikko's Phylogeny Archive, which has also changed locations. Mikko Haaramo's site was actually quite influential in my own initial forays onto the interweb, and I'd been getting worried. If you're like me and can happily peruse phylogenetic trees all day, Mikko's site can keep you going for weeks.

Finally, a reminder that the next edition of Linnaeus'Legacy is coming in a little over a week. If you want to submit a post (and a number of you already have), you can send links to me, to Jim Lemire who's hosting at From Archaea to Zeaxanthol, or you can submit a post using the form at Blog Carnival. Come on, all the cool kids are doing it!

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