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Get Used to Disappointment, Princess

Permit me a moment's whinging. First, I receive a notice in my e-mail telling me that a seminar is being given here at Curtin University by no less a person than Per Ahlberg on his experiences using synchrotron CT-scanning to study Devonian vertebrates. Excitedly, I read on to find when the seminar is being given...

Thursday morning. Exactly when I'm scheduled to teach a lab on flatworms. Poo.

I hope those students appreciate what I'm giving up for them...


  1. Oh noes! You will have to try and score yourself a trip to SVP one year (a stretch, given that you work exclusively on inverts). Per is a regular.

  2. ...a stretch, considering these things are always on the bloody other side of the planet. You Northern Hemisphere types don't know how fortunate you are, sometimes.

  3. You know, they're looking for places to hold SVP in future years. They're having it out of North America for the first time ever this year. If Bristol 2009 goes well, then they're going to be pretty amenable to other overseas locations. I suspect a flight from LA to Perth isn't much more expensive than LA to London.


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