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Not so long ago, I remarked that I could be found on Facebook under my own name. I have since had it pointed out that as "Christopher Taylor" is hardly the most individual of names out there, I couldn't really be found amongst the 500+ other Christopher Taylors. So alternatively, if you want to find me, try using my e-mail (gerarus at Or, funnily enough, searching for "Opiliones" brings me up as one of the results too.

Apropos of none of which, but because I needed to fill out the post somehow, here is a Flight of the Conchords clip:


  1. 2nd best FoC song/video ever,but I still think this was the best yet.

  2. I don't recognise that one. If it's from the second series, we're still waiting on it here in Australia.

  3. Ah. Well then consider it a teaser; it happens in the 1st 5 minutes of season 2.


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