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Name the Bug #9

I'm pretty sure you all know the drill by now. Attribution, as always, to follow.

Update: Identification now available here. Photo from here.


  1. Any idea of scale on that thing?

    (Btw, TC-S has a sea of brand new taxa out if you're curious. Seems to have changed his mind on the whole unikont/bikont thing. For the time being. He'll revert back to it next weekend.)

  2. Probably about 200 μm across.

    And yes, I saw the new Cavalier-Smith paper. I've read it, but so far I've lacked the strength to comment. I do have one thing to say: Everyone, I mean everyone else, is happy to drop any sort of Sarcomastigophora concept. Just. Give. It. Up.

  3. Some weird centrohelid? Like Raphidophrys?

  4. No, but you're thinking along the right sort of lines.

  5. AH! Taxopodida: Sticholonche zanclea!

    Completely forgot about Sticholonche... >_>


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