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Name the Bug # 15

Perhaps a bit of a softball this time around but we shall see. How soon can someone identify what these are specimens of? Attribution, as always, to follow.

As the subject of this post is a mollusk, I'd like to take the opportunity to dedicate it to Aydin Örstan whose wife has recently had to take up hospice residency. Best wishes, Aydin, and I hope the care she receives allows both of you to make the best of your time together.


  1. Snorks! ...or Yochelcionella? Looking forward to the follow up post, I have wondered about these guys but don't know anything about them.

    So sorry to hear the sad news about Aydin.

  2. Obviously very easy. I think I may have to demand a species...

  3. till pretty easy - Its Yochelcionella daleki, a favourite name of this old Dr Who fan.


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