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Name the Bug # 18

Here is an assortment of figures of various specimens, all belonging to a species pertaining to tomorrow's Taxon of the Week (attribution to follow):

In the lower figure the whorl height is 3.2 cm. Because the general kind of organism involved is fairly obvious, I'm going to ask for a reasonable amount of specificity to count as a successful ID. But to give you a hand with being specific, I'll at least tell you that the age of the specimens is lower Upper Bathonian (during the Jurassic).

Update: Identity now available here. Upper figure from Rawson (1982); lower figure from Poulton (1987).


  1. The large whorl height makes me think nautiloid rather than ammonoid?

  2. The suture line is fractal so this is an ammonite for sure.

    I'd bet something like Cadomites sp.

    But all of these look about the same:

  3. Egyptian Goat-headed God, Ammon-Ra?

    I am only posting to find out what time it is tomorrow in Australia, just ignore me.

  4. Not bad, Steve; you were in the right superfamily (and all ammonites look the same to me, too, so who am I to judge?)

    Pat: It's tea-time. It's always tea-time (and never time for washing up).


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