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I Hate Everything Right Now

For the last week, I have been caught in the grip of a particularly vindictive cold. Which is why, when I thought of this particularly painful little pun earlier, I didn't allow it to sink back into the depths of drollery hell like I should have, but decided to inflict it upon the larger world. Why should I suffer alone?

A patient is being given some test results by a doctor. The doctor looks at his notes and says, "I'm sorry to tell you this, but your lungs appear to be infested with Mesozoic mammals". Aghast, the patient asks hesistantly, "You don't mean...?" "I'm afraid so", replies the doctor. "You have multituberculosis".


  1. I wish a speedy return to the joys of life!

  2. This old Jewish joke is maybe a better example of the type:

    A Jewish guy's wife informs him, "I just saw the doctor. He says I've got tuberculosis and must die.!"

    He's skeptical: "A big fat woman like you? I don't believe it." So he goes to see the doctor himself and the doctors says, "I didn't say she had tuberculosis. I said she had too big a tuchus."

    Feel better.

  3. You're going to make extinct mammal-inspired puns?

    Spare us, oh don't ya!

  4. Hm, my attempt at an atrocius extinct-mammal-related pun was apparently too contrived and/or obscure for its own good. Oh well.

    Hope your cold has gotten better, though.

  5. So contrived, I'm afraid, that I didn't even realise that it was supposed to be a pun until you pointed out that it was. See it now. Heh.

  6. Ma mother useta make bad puns, but not about extinct proboscideans.


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