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The Variety of Life turns 1000

I have just published the 1000th entry onto the Variety of Life site. Subject: the weevil subfamily Baridinae.

I started "The Variety of Life" a bit over a year and a half ago to give a broad, more technical sampler of organismic diversity, and to convey sometime of just how extensive that diversity was. On that note, the main thing that strikes me after 1000 entries of higher-level taxa is just how little of it I've touched on. Perhaps the only group that I wouldn't say is completely rudimentary are the mosses, and even then it's pretty ropey.

Still, I'm reasonably happy with how its progressing, and things can only improve. Already, there are some taxa for which "The Variety of Life" comes out #1 in a Google search. Which, considering the rudimentary coverage I've just spoken of, is more of an indictment of just how poorly covered some taxa are in general.


  1. Assuming no new planets full of life being discovered, how long would you estimate to finish? To the nearest generation or two.

  2. I did once calculate that I might be done by about the time I reach my 600th birthday. So that, at least, is something to look forward to.

  3. I look forward to browsing the complete database :o)


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