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Recently, this has been seen doing the rounds on the interweb:
My first thought: clever. My second thought: hang on, there's something wrong here. Anyone care to guess what it was?


  1. The divergence of Holometabola and Eumetabola precedes the divergence of thrips from other Eumetabolans. Ergo the fakey "pseudo-holometabolous" (hemiholometabolous?) development of thrips is a convergent novelty that post-dates the origins of the true holometabolous condition?

    Thus thrips are more like Greenday than Death; or more like the Black Keys than Lead Belly; or more like Skrillex than Silver Apples; or more like No Doubt than Prince Buster. I was into all of those bands before they were cool, except for the ones that aren't cool.

  2. No, I have no objection to the use of the term 'holometabolous' to describe thrips...

  3. That guy's jeans are way too loose.

    Plus he's not ironically wearing nerdy glasses or even a trucker hat.

  4. The glasses are upside down for the thrips.

    Cute observation!

  5. The problem with thripsters, now at


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