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It seems I've fooled at least one person into thinking I have some sort of intellect - Kevin Z at The Other 95% has passed on the "Thinking Blogger" award to me. Apparently I'm supposed to pass it on to five more people, but this being something that has been going around for a little while, there's a shortage of people to pass it on to. There's no mention of dire things happening to my relatives if I don't pass it on like there normally is with chain letters, but I will highlight five other writers out there that have caught my attention lately (in no particular order). I'd also recommend heading to Kevin's site - it's well worth the trip, even if he is currently sobbing over his lophophorates.

Brian Switek of Laelaps has doubtless already received one of these, but he has a fantastic site for anyone with an interest in study of vertebrate palaeontology, and the study of the study of vertebrate palaeontology.

Also in the palaeontology field is Julia of The Ethical Palaeontologist. I'm not sure why she has tagged herself "ethical" (though as far as I can tell her ethics are impeccable), but she certainly writes some excellent posts.

Rick MacPherson of Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets writes his posts on the world of tropical marine biodiversity and conservation. Plenty of sea lice and sunsets - not so much malaria and bedbugs. Which is all good, because I know which two I would choose.

Cameron McCormick of The Lord Geekington is yet another fan of vertebrates, particularly cryptozoological specimens, who writes some very worthwhile, detailed posts.

Finally, Susannah of Wanderin' Weeta (with Waterfowl and Weeds) has a delightful site built mostly around her nature photography. Her recent sequence of spider baby posts have been wonderful.

Other things have happened here, too. I now have a face - I've finally gotten up to putting up a picture of myself. Pay no attention to it.

And my department has finally seen fit to change from Macs to PCs. At last, no more phaffing about with a *^&^%$# Mac! I'm free! Free! (I'm so happy.)


  1. Long live the Lophophorata!

    Your department is making a grave mistake switching to PC.

  2. Great blog, I'll be back. And thanks for linking to mine. I've returned the compliment.

  3. Thank you for the kind words and the award. Darren from TetZoo bestowed one upon me a little while ago, but I am still honored that you'd mention me here. If I had known of your blog when I got mine I would have passed it along to you!

    And I hear you about the macs. My PC at home died last fall so I've been using an imac ever since (at least until I can afford a new desktop PC), and most of my spelling errors are a result of working on the mac's keyboard and refusal to update firefox (so no spell check for me).

    Anyway, keep up the good work on here Chris!

  4. A much belated thank you for the award - it arrived just before I started the conference and gave me a real boost!

    I far prefer PCs, although my PC has well and truly died and my husband's Mac soldiers on...

  5. And finally, 6 weeks later, I carried on the meme. I just wrote a post passing it on.

    Thanks again for the award.


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