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For some time now, I've been contributing to, the wiki site that was established last year to supplement, and ideally to eventually supplant it when the original authors of were no longer able to maintain it. was originally founded as a site on palaeontology, but since then its mandate has expanded to cover all aspects of biology. It has gone offline on two occassions in the past - both times it has come back after overwhelming demand, and it was the latest disappearance that led to the foundation of is publicly editable, and I'd invite you all to take a look at it and add to it, correct errors, etc. as you may see fit. In particular, I'm going to start putting up notices on pages that I add to the site, in the hope that someone out there who knows more than I do may improve them. In recent times I've added pages on Combretaceae, Excavata, Eutrochozoa and Eoraptor. Tell me what you think!

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