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Improving Linnaeus' Legacy

I've started improving the home site for the Linnaeus' Legacy blog carnival. Up to now it's been little more than a place-holder, but I'd like to make it into more of a proper resource, in the way the site for Circus of the Spineless is. I've added links for the blogs that have hosted and those that have contributed (and remember, if you'd like your blog to be elevated from a mere contributor to the higher position of host, then volunteer!) I've also started adding links for websites offering good sources on taxonomy and systematics, and I need to know what you the reader think I need to link to.

Also, is there anyone out there that would be willing to contribute a banner? I know there's some pretty decent artists out there that have contributed to Linnaeus' Legacy in the past. Personally, I haven't the artistic ability of a fungus gnat.


  1. If you haven't had any offers from way more talented Photoshoppers, then I'll give the banner a go. Do you want one for the top of the site itself, or one for contributors' sidebars or both? And do you have any idea what you'd like to see, or shall I just try to incorporate "Panbiota"?

  2. I can draw things on paper, but I have the computer know-how of a retarded chimpanzee.

  3. Thanks, Julia. It'd probably be good to have both (the sidebar logo could also be used for heading editions). I've been thinking about it, and I'd like them to incorporate the idea of taxonomic study as well as just biodiversity. Perhaps the sidebar logo could show a book (in the model of Systema Naturae) in the process of opening, with some type of organism peeking out of the opening. A frog would have the cuteness factor, but I personally think a flowering plant of some kind would be more appropriate considering that Linnaeus was primarily a botanist - morning glory or some other creeper would give the right sort of effect. Then the banner could enlarge the same idea - the book could be entirely open, with a whole range of organisms emerging from it.

  4. Okey-dokey - I'll see what I can come up with. The husband is out tonight so I have plenty of time to sit down at the computer. And it'll give me a good opportunity to learn how to use GIMP properly (the open access PhotoShop).


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