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Circus of the Spineless #33

The 33rd edition of Circus of the Spineless is up at Seeds Aside (ha ha! even the botanists cannot escape the lure of the squishy!mwa ha! mwa ha ha!) so head over there for more invertebrate fun than you can shake a pedipalp at!


  1. Hey, plants are spineless too.

    Plants are even arthropods. Aren't they?


  2. Here I thought you were talking about the U.S. Democratic National Committee. Lately they're trying (again!) to find a way to help our unelected President arrange to let off the hook everybody (in the U.S.) who's been spying on U.S. citizens since early 2001, and maybe earlier.

  3. Plants are even arthropods. Aren't they?

    Please explain.

  4. "Plants are arthropods."

    Eesh, now I need to bring up quite high rationalizations...

    Granting "arthropod" etymology as meaning "with articulated legs", and arguing plants have articulated stems where stem is analogous for legs, then it might do it. Or wouldn't it?



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