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But Is It Art?

Just a footnote to the last post - I realise a number of people who read this live in America (you poor, poor, sorry people) and I don't know how familiar Ab Fab is to American audiences. So if there are any of you who haven't seen the segment I referred to, here's the part quoted courtesy of YouTube:

Of course, as YouTube has been blocked at uni to stop students from simply downloading stuff all day, and I live in one of the sections of Perth where we can only have a dial-up connection at home because the phone-lines can't carry broadband, this took half an hour of buffering to check I had the right one-minute segment. I hope you appreciate it.


  1. I love ab fab!! Courtesy of BBC America back from the days I oculd afford satellite.

  2. Ab Fab did run in the States. It was hilarious. American television comedies tend to pull their punches. The British go for the jugular. Why else was I laughing when Patsy sold Saffy into slavery in Morocco. "How much did you get?" Then there were the Rumanian babies, apparently bought wholesale. I didn't get all of the jokes. Was Margaret Thatcher actually PM for 3,000 years?


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