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The Empty Sea

This is actually a pretty old video (it dates back to 1991) but I thought I'd put it up because:

     (a) John Clarke is a very, very funny man (trust me, this isn't even him at his best), and

     (b)even seventeen years later, the attitude parodied here is still all too common.

Of course, what holders of such attitudes don't realise is that those who desecrate the open ocean are sentenced in the afterlife to be devoured by the Great Tomopterid.


  1. Thanks Chris!

    I hadn't seen that skit since it aired on channel 9 (or was it 7?)all those years ago. I almost pissed myself laughing then then and I damn well nearly did again. I miss home a lot sometimes......

  2. Clarke and Dawes are still doing their weekly routines in much the same manner. Personally, I think that of all the things New Zealand has lost to the Australians, John Calrke has to be the greatest loss.


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