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&*^%$* Americans, Think They Own the Internet....

Does anyone out there have a pdf of Case's (1907) "Revision of the Pelycosauria of North America"? claims that Google Books has the pdf available for free (and it's out of copyright), but it appears to be one of the apparently-not-insignificant number of books that Google is only making available in the USA, because I can't access it.

Thank you to anyone that's able to help.


  1. here you go:

  2. wait that got eaten somehow, remove whitespace in this thing: of_ the_ Pelycosauria_ of_ North_ Am.pdf

  3. Thank you very much, Jake! (The first link worked fine for me).

  4. I have to admit, on my recent trip to Australia, I was surprised by the amount of content that was unreachable. at least had a country-specific message about the matter, though.

  5. Was about to download it and put it on ifile for you, but I saw someone already beat me there.

    It's true, Americans think they own the internets. It's also true that Americans are responsible for the truly awful copyright period (192-something now, I believe) via Disney. Can you believe that once upon a time copyright was 14 years? I mean, I'm all for no end on attribution rights, but 70+ year copyright period is ridiculous, going long past the time literature is out of print and completely unavailable.

    At least academics can get away with it due to the research clause under copyright law.


  6. Shoul be accessible in Canada, if you click to "All Files: HTTP". It is accessible from Russia.


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