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CoO Doesn't Live There Any More. But There Is a Forwarding Address

Catalogue of Organisms has packed its boxes and taken up new digs, joining the ranks at Field of Science in order to leech off the success of much better sites such as Skeptic Wonder and Lab Rat. But don't worry - both of the older links here will continue to work as they should (please let me know if you find otherwise). Let us know, too, if you discover any formatting issues due to the change.

One minor side effect of the transition process was that I temporarily lost my blogroll. I believe I've recovered everything but let me know if you spot any absences. Or if you think you should be on there but aren't, let me know that too!


  1. Welcome! I'm on the Allotrope. Your blog seems great, keep up the good work as I join your ranks of followers.

  2. Cool new digs! Haven't heard of this site before, looks like you are in good company!Happy I don't have to change RSS feeds too, but I'll relink to this site in my blogrolls.

    *still reading you!*


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