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Name the Bug # 36

Adam Yates chose to request a post topic as his prize for Name the Bug. So what better way to preview his request than with a Name the Bug post?

Attribution, as always, to follow.

Update: Identity now available here. Photo from here.


  1. That's got to be a proteaceaen right? Maybe Banksia candollena?

    Now I face a dilemma: delete the comment in which case I'm sure to be right, or leave it up in which case it's bound to be some aberrant Grevillea or something. With luck someone has beat me to it already.

  2. Is it a Dryandra of some sort? D. lindleyana or summat. (Or whatever they're all called now. Banksia, probably. I have no knowledge of plant systematics. I just grow 'em.)

  3. Well that's a hot mess isn't it? Taking the tip from Bronwen I'll say it's Banksia dallanneyi née Dryandra lindleyana née Dryandra nivea. In an attempt to head-off the inevitable point-grab I will note the trivially amusing fact that "dallanneyi" is an anagram of "lindleyana," and therein lies a tale. Try Wikipedia. Apparently Kevin Thiel is the curator of the Sprite can, whatever that is supposed to mean. Also, you would be shocked how tame the google image search results for "couch honeypot" are. Really was hoping for something more lively.

  4. Thanks to a photo of Banksia nivea we find that the Western Australian Herbarium (Perth) is called for some reason "the Sprite can". Why? Here we got a new mystery!

  5. This turned out to be tricky to assign points for. Miguel got the species name correct, but I'm going to give three points to Neil because his was the comment that had me scrambling to see whether the photo was identified correctly. I still think it's nivea rather than dallanneyi—the photos I found online make it look like dallanneyi has broader leaves—but I admit I'm willing to be corrected.

    So three points to Neil, two to Miguel and one to Snail. And the stuff on Kevin Thiele looks like good old Wiki-vandalism to me.


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