Field of Science

Name the Bug # 51

Only a part of the organism, I'm afraid. Is it enough for you to identify it?

Attribution (as always) to follow.

I'm currently out in the field, so I'm not sure how quickly I'll be able to reveal this one. Until then, good luck!

Update: Identity available here. Figure from here.


  1. Looks like the head (antennae removed) and prothorax of a thrips (Thysanoptera). That exhausts my claim to knowledge of thrips. I think I'll ask Bruce Heming for help.

  2. Er... it's a bit of an arthropod?

  3. Further to my previous thripish insight, I propose that the line drawing depicts the type species (and only known specimen, at least at the time of description, a male) of Lasiothrips Moulton, 1968: L. perplexus Moulton, 1968:

    If this is incorrect, then all thrips look alike.

  4. I'm not sure all thrips don't look alike. Nevertheless, Dave, you're exactly right, and get yourself three points.


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