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Name the bug # 52

Does this look familiar to anyone?

Attribution to follow.

Update: Identity now available here. Photo from here.


  1. It seems like an isopod belong to the family Paranthuridae.

  2. Looks familiar:

  3. Briefly hoped it was a tanaid but it's clearly an isopod. Based on the elongate body shape and the number and shape of the pereonites and the apparent absence of anything particularly interesting going on with the appendages I think this can go comfortably as an "Anthurid" as biozcw already suggested.

    And, erm, based on stumbling across the source image while I looked for more info on anthurids I'm gonna venture that this is Mesanthura astelia. I gather the extensive coloration is pretty typical for this genus ...

  4. Three points for Neil for giving an explanation, two points for Jason for finding the original source, one point for biozcw. We're getting close to a winner...


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