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Linking past the language barrier

I just found through eXTReMe Tracking that I've been linked to by Avtor Franc at MIKROB(io)LOG, and I'd just like to say thank you for the link. Unfortunately, I can't comment on Avtor's blog because I'm afraid I can't read the language it's written in. I think it's an Eastern European language - if anyone out there can identify what it is, I'd appreciate the help.

Which brings me to comment on another thing - this is a non-English blog that has no apparent qualms about linking to sites in English. Many if not most non-English speakers seem to have no issues with the idea of at least attempting other languages, and I sometimes just get embarressed by the arrogance of English speakers in automatically writing off material in other languages. In the name of my race, I bow down to those who are more willing to leave their comfort zone.


  1. Definitely Eastern European. I think it might be Serbo-Croat but Paul says it looks Czech.

    If you have Statcounter code you can see where people are coming to your blog from and what nationality they are. So if there are a load of visitors coming to your site from the Czech Republic, for example, through this blog, then you can pick it up. It would be unusual for a Pole, say, to speak Serbo-Croat. English is very definitely common ground in Europe.

  2. Apparently the visits from the site came from Ljubljana, so it's probably Slovenian. Serbo-Croat was a closer guess (and was my guess, too).

  3. I have occasionally linked to Turkish sites, because I know the language. But what's the point of linking to a site, if I can't read the language? How will I know that it is a relevant, suitable site?

  4. It is in Slovenian. He clearly reads English, given the sources (including other blogs) he cites and links to.


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