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Do I Need a Makeover?

I've been getting a few complaints lately about the colour-scheme I've been using - apparently, some people find the combination of white lettering on a black background too hard to read. Therefore, I'm running something of an experiment - I've changed the template over to black on white, and I'll see if it makes a significant difference to readership over the next few weeks. If not, I may go bacmk to the old style. Because personally, I liked it better.


  1. Chris, I love your blog, but reversed type (light colour out of dark) is very hard to read for nearly everyone. It is OK for headline text, but body text should always be in a non-descript font, dark on a light background for readability.

    I say this as a designer for 25 years.

  2. What he says, but the pure, stark white is a bit harsh, too. (And I get enough of it working in Eclipse all day.) I say dark on something soft and light.

    (Also, why is your portrait stretched horizontally?)

  3. Unfortunately, none of the dark-on-light-but-not-white templates on Blogger appeal to me. I must admit that I do have a certain taste for the 'stark' when it comes to aesthetic (something that you would never guess if you saw the state of my office). I did like the general colour of the "Harbor" template, which has a sky blue top grading into white for most of the page, but the lighthouse motif just struck as more than a little naff (apologies to readers who aren't Blogger users and so have no idea what I'm talking about).

    Also, if the photo has been stretched, that's all Blogger's doing. On the other hand, maybe I really am just fat. It may also be a bit misleading that I'm not actually in the direct centre of the photo, so there's more of my left shoulder in shot than my right.

  4. I have a problem with white on black but I solve it by reading posts through Google Reader and then clicking across to the blog proper for the other stuff.

    My 2c worth!

  5. I, too, have difficulty reading the white on black. It's not as jarring as I've seen it on some other sites, though. I don't know if that is a function of the font that you use, or what.

    I do prefer the black on white. Or on a pale background (off-white, beige, or other neutrals).

  6. I have to vote for black on white. I'm visually impaired (cataracts, macular degeneration) and your white on black gave me headaches. I often copied the text and pasted it into Word if I really wanted to read it.

  7. It is easier to read black on white, although we were always told that yellow on dark blue was the easiest to read as it was more calming - which is why so many people do their conference PowerPoint talks in that scheme (I also had a lecturer who put all his overheads onto yellow film).

    A thought though - my husband has made his text larger and bolder. For those who have problems reading white on black, does his text look better or is it as difficult to read?


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