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I'm hoping someone out there knows of a good summary of (and can potentially send me a copy of) the lives of the brother naturalists Jules and Édouard Verreaux. Specifically, I need to know when and where they were in Asia and Australia. Different sources have been giving me conflicting accounts.

I may share what I've been finding with you all at some point. There's no denying that the boys of Maison Verreaux led interesting (if somewhat reprehensible) lives...


  1. "reprehensible lives" - well that certainly piques my curiosity!

  2. What time period are we talking about?

  3. Jules Verreaux was in east Asia from about 1833 to 1837, then in Australia from 1842 to 1847.

    Édouard Verreaux accompanied Jules to Asia, but I'm finding conflicting accounts about how long he stayed there. One source says he returned to Europe at the same time as Jules, another says he returned in 1834.

    One of the reasons I'm trying to find out is that when Jules returned to Europe, he shipped his Asian specimens on a separate boat. That boat foundered on the way back, and Jules' specimens were lost. I'm trying to establish the possibility of Édouard having transported Asian specimens to Europe earlier.


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